I was meant to follow a classical university course until rugby awakens my curiosity. Having some physical qualities, i quickly succeeded in evolving and growing through this sporting and professional experience.Thirsting for new cultures, daily challenges of surpassing myself, and experiencing the need to increase my overall vision of this sport, i joined two years after their coronation in 2007, "land of Springboks" which is none other than South Africa and the province of Cape Town...

An enriching return, both human and cultural, which i continue to bring out on a daily basis between the office and the grounds. So much in favor of both my clients and athletes i follow each day.
Finally, i succeeded in combining my taste for American culture and their sports, while being inspired by their sense of achievement and their positivism.

I strive daily to respect an asceticism both physical and of working rhythm, which i use to drive the athletes i coach, in a concern for exemplarity, essential to the success of a true sense of advice . To summarize, being closer to athletes can be translated into: exemplarity, capacity for hard work, courage, lucidity and networking. This is the package i provide my clients as well as my athletes with.

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